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MagicsCalls.cc File Reference

Detailed Description

Implementation of Fortran and C interface.

To use the C interface "magics_api.h" must be included.

Changes: 13-06-2006 Added C interface (Stephan)

See also:

Definition in file MagicsCalls.cc.

#include <Log.h>
#include <FortranMagics.h>
#include "WebFormat.h"
#include <magics_api.h>

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class  AxisConverter
class  CompatibilityHelper
 Ensures backwards compability with Magics 6.x. More...
class  DeviceCompatibilityHelper
 'device' is not a valid parameter anymore More...
class  DeviceFileName
 Converts device_file_name into output_file_root_name. More...
class  DeviceQualityLevel
 Converts device_ into output_width. More...
class  DeviceWidth
 Converts device_width into output_width. More...
class  GdFileName
 Converts gd_file_name into output_file_root_name. More...
class  GraphType
class  GraphValuesConverter
class  GribFieldPosition
 Prints info about old parameter. More...
class  GribSubareaExtraction
 Prints info about old parameter. More...
class  LabelQuality
 Converts text_quality into text_font and text_font_style. More...
class  Legend
class  NoMoreGribex
class  OutputPsDevice
 Converts ps_device into output_ps_device. More...
class  PsDevice
 Converts ps_device into output_ps_device. More...
class  PsFileName
 Converts ps_file_name into output_file_root_name. More...
class  PsHelp
 Removes ps_help. More...
class  PsMetric
 Removes ps_metric. More...
class  SubpageMapProjectionNone
class  TextQuality
 Converts text_quality into text_font and text_font_style. More...
class  TextReferenceCharacterHeight
class  WindArrowIndexHead


static AxisConverter axis_max_date_value ("axis_date_max_value")
static AxisConverter axis_max_value ("axis_max_value")
static AxisConverter axis_min_date_value ("axis_date_min_value")
static AxisConverter axis_min_value ("axis_min_value")
static AxisConverter axis_orientation ("axis_orientation")
static AxisConverter axis_type ("axis_type")
void execute_json (const char *file)
void execute_magml (const char *file)
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_date_x_lower_values ("graph_bar_date_x_lower_values","x_lower_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_date_x_upper_values ("graph_bar_date_x_upper_values","x_upper_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_date_x_values ("graph_bar_date_x_values","x_upper_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_date_y_lower_values ("graph_bar_date_y_lower_values","y_lower_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_date_y_upper_values ("graph_bar_date_y_upper_values","y_upper_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_date_y_values ("graph_bar_date_y_values","y_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_x_lower_values ("graph_bar_x_lower_values","x_lower_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_x_upper_values ("graph_bar_x_upper_values","x_upper_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_x_values ("graph_bar_x_values","x_upper_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_y_lower_values ("graph_bar_y_lower_values","y_lower_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_y_upper_values ("graph_bar_y_upper_values","y_upper_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_bar_y_values ("graph_bar_y_values","y_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_curve2_date_x_values ("graph_curve2_date_x_values","x2_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_curve2_date_y_values ("graph_curve2_date_y_values","y2_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_curve2_x_values ("graph_curve2_x_values","x2_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_curve2_y_values ("graph_curve2_y_values","y2_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_curve_date_x_values ("graph_curve_date_x_values","x_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_curve_date_y_values ("graph_curve_date_y_values","y_date_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_curve_x_values ("graph_curve_x_values","x_values")
static GraphValuesConverter graph_curve_y_values ("graph_curve_y_values","y_values")
static NoMoreGribex grib_grid_block ("grib_grid_block")
static NoMoreGribex grib_input_type ("grib_input_type")
static NoMoreGribex grib_mode ("grib_mode")
static NoMoreGribex grib_output_field ("grib_output_field")
static NoMoreGribex grib_product_block ("grib_product_block")
static Legend legend ("legend")
void mag_act (const char *a, const char *b, const char *c)
void mag_axis ()
void mag_boxplot ()
void mag_close ()
void mag_coast ()
void mag_cont ()
void mag_enqc (const char *name, char *value)
void mag_enqi (const char *name, int *value)
void mag_enqr (const char *name, double *value)
void mag_eps ()
void mag_geo ()
void mag_graph ()
void mag_grib ()
void mag_image ()
void mag_import ()
void mag_info ()
void mag_netcdf ()
void mag_new (const char *page)
void mag_obs ()
void mag_odb ()
void mag_open ()
void mag_overlay ()
void mag_pie ()
void mag_plot ()
void mag_print ()
void mag_raw ()
void mag_reset (const char *name)
void mag_set1c (const char *name, const char **data, const int dim)
void mag_set1i (const char *name, const int *data, const int dim1)
void mag_set1r (const char *name, const double *data, const int dim1)
void mag_set2i (const char *name, const int *data, const int dim1, const int dim2)
void mag_set2r (const char *name, const double *data, const int dim1, const int dim2)
void mag_set3i (const char *, const int *, const int, const int, const int)
void mag_set3r (const char *, const double *, const int, const int, const int)
void mag_setc (const char *name, const char *value)
void mag_seti (const char *name, const int value)
void mag_setp (const char *name, void *value)
void mag_setr (const char *name, const double value)
void mag_symb ()
void mag_test ()
void mag_text ()
void mag_wind ()
void pact_ (const char *, const char *, const char *, int, int, int)
void paxis_ ()
void pboxplot_ ()
void pclose_ ()
void pcoast_ ()
void pcont_ ()
void penqc_ (const char *name, char *value)
void penqi_ (const char *name, int *value)
void peps_ ()
void pgeo_ ()
void pgraph_ ()
void pgrib_ ()
void pimage_ ()
void pimport_ ()
void pinfo_ ()
void pline_ ()
void pnetcdf_ ()
void pnew_ (const char *name, int length)
void pobs_ ()
void podb_ ()
 This function is overwritten in libMagPlusODB.
void popen_ ()
void poverlay_ ()
void ppie_ ()
void pplot_ ()
void pprint_ ()
void praw_ ()
void preset_ (const char *name, int length)
void pset1c_ (const char *name, const char *value, const int *dim, int namel, int l)
void pset1i_ (const char *name, const int *data, const int *dim, int length)
void pset2i_ (const char *name, const int *data, const int *dim, const int *dim2, int length)
void pset3i_ (const char *name, const int *data, const int *dim, const int *dim2, const int *dim3, int length)
void psetc_ (const char *name, const char *value, int namel, int valuel)
void pseti_ (const char *name, const int *value, int namel)
void psymb_ ()
void ptaylor_ ()
void ptest_ ()
void ptext_ ()
void pwind_ ()
void set_param (const char *param, const char *value)


static LabelQuality contour_label_quality
static DeviceCompatibilityHelper device
static DeviceFileName device_file_name
static DeviceQualityLevel device_quality_level
static DeviceWidth device_width
static GdFileName gd_file_name
static GraphType graph_type
static GribFieldPosition grib_field_position
static GribSubareaExtraction grib_subarea_extraction
static FortranMagics * magics_ = 0
static OutputPsDevice output_ps_device
static PsDevice ps_device
static PsFileName ps_file_name
static PsHelp ps_help
static PsMetric ps_metric
static SubpageMapProjectionNone subpage_map_projection_none
static TextQuality text_quality
static TextReferenceCharacterHeight text_reference_character_height
static WindArrowIndexHead wind_arrow_index_head

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