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/******************************** LICENSE ********************************

 Copyright 2007 European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

 Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 You may obtain a copy of the License at 


 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 limitations under the License.

 ******************************** LICENSE ********************************/

/*! \defgroup projections Geographical projections

\section supportedProjection Supported projections

Currently Magics++ supports following projections:

 - Cylindrical
 - Polar-stereographic
 - Satellite

 You can select the projection by setting the parameter SUBPAGE_MAP_PROJECTION .

\section addProjection How to add a new projection

 - add your <i>NewProjection.xml</i> in <i>src/xml</i>

 - add this file in <i>src/xml/Makefile.am</i>

 - add <i>NewProjection.cc/.h</i> in <i>src/drivers/common/</i>,
   inheriting from Transformation, NewProjectionParameters and a relevant Terralib class

 - add the new files in <i>src/common/Makefile.am</i>
 - add new projection in src/common/SubPageAttributes.cc:\n
    static SimpleObjectMaker<NewProjection, Transformation> new_NewProjection("new_name");

 - add new projection in src/common/ViewAttributes.cc:\n
    static SimpleObjectMaker<NewProjection, Transformation> new_NewProjection("new_name");
 - Last but not least: add the new projection to the documentation!

/*! \file Transformation.h

 Magics Team - ECMWF 2004

#ifndef Transformation_H
#define Transformation_H

#include "magics.h"

#include "PaperPoint.h"
#include "GeoPoint.h"
#include "UserPoint.h"
#include "Translator.h"
#include "Factory.h"
#include "TeProjection.h"
#include "BasicGraphicsObject.h"
#include "SceneVisitor.h"

namespace magics {
class Layout;
class GridPlotting;
class LabelPlotting;
class BasicSceneObject;

class Polyline;
class PolyCoast;
class Text;
template <class P> class MatrixHandler;
template <class P> class PointsHandler;

class XmlNode;

class ViewFilter
      ViewFilter() {}
      ViewFilter(double xmin, double xmax, double ymin, double ymax, double xres, double yres);
      ~ViewFilter() {}
      bool in(const PaperPoint& xy);

    vector<bool> done;
    double xmin_;    
    double xmax_;  
    double ymin_;
    double ymax_; 
    double xres_;
    double yres_;  
    int xdim_;
    int ydim_;

class Transformation

      virtual ~Transformation();
      virtual void init() {}
      // Xml Methods ! 
      virtual void set(const map<string, string>& ) {}
      virtual void set(const XmlNode& ) {}
      virtual bool accept(const string& ) { return false; }
      void toxml(ostream&, int)  const {}
      virtual Transformation* clone() const {
            Transformation* object = new Transformation();
            return object;
      void operator()(const Polyline& poly,  BasicGraphicsObjectContainer& out) const;    
      void operator()(PolyCoast& poly,  BasicGraphicsObjectContainer& out) const;   

      virtual bool wrapAround(const Polyline&) const { return false; }   


      virtual bool concatenate(vector<Polyline* >&, Polyline*) const
            { return false; }
      virtual double x(double x) const { return x; }
      virtual double y(double y) const { return y; }
      // is the polyline out the projection!

      virtual bool out(const Polyline&) const;
      // is the polyline in the projection?

      virtual bool in(const Polyline&) const;
    // is the point in projected area?
      bool in(const GeoPoint&) const;
      bool in(const UserPoint&) const;
      bool in(const PaperPoint&) const;
      bool clip(PaperPoint&) const; 
      // is the point in the projected area?
      bool in(double x, double y) const
       { return ( getAbsoluteMinX() <= x && x <=  getAbsoluteMaxX() && getAbsoluteMinY() <= y && y <= getAbsoluteMaxY()); }
    bool inX(double x) const
       { return ( getAbsoluteMinX() <= x && x <=  getAbsoluteMaxX()); }
    bool inY(double y) const
        { return ( getAbsoluteMinY() <= y && y <= getAbsoluteMaxY()); }
      // make sure that the polyline starts inside the projected area!
      virtual void rotate(vector<GeoPoint>&) const;

      // Needed for Image processing!
      virtual TeProjection&  getProjection() 
            { static TeDatum datum; static TeLatLong dummy(datum); return dummy; }
      virtual void gridLongitudes(const GridPlotting&) const {}
      virtual void gridLatitudes(const GridPlotting&) const  {}

      virtual void labels(const LabelPlotting&, DrawingVisitor&) const {}
      virtual void labels(const LabelPlotting&, LeftAxisVisitor&) const {}
      virtual void labels(const LabelPlotting&, RightAxisVisitor&) const {}
      virtual void labels(const LabelPlotting&, TopAxisVisitor&) const {}
      virtual void labels(const LabelPlotting&, BottomAxisVisitor&) const {}

      virtual void aspectRatio(double&, double&);
      virtual void fill(double&, double&); // fill the sapec , can adapt the coordiantes to return the biggest area..   
      virtual void forceNewArea(double, double, double, double, double&, double&); 
// Basic reprojection method! 
      virtual PaperPoint operator()(const UserPoint& xy) const 
            { return PaperPoint(xy.x(), xy.y()); }
      virtual PaperPoint operator()(const GeoPoint& geo) const 
            { return PaperPoint(geo.longitude(), geo.latitude()); }
      virtual PaperPoint operator()(const PaperPoint& xy) const 
            { return xy; }

      virtual void operator()(const GeoPoint& geo, vector<PaperPoint>& out) const;
      virtual void operator()(const UserPoint& xy, vector<PaperPoint>& out) const;
      virtual void revert(const PaperPoint& xy, GeoPoint& point) const 
            { point = GeoPoint(xy.x(), xy.y()); }           
      virtual void revert(const PaperPoint& xy, UserPoint& point) const 
            { point = UserPoint(xy.x(), xy.y()); }

// Does the projection needs the coastalines to be shifted!
      virtual bool needShiftedCoastlines() const { return false; }

// Set the bounding box in user coordinates 
      virtual void boundingBox(double&, double&, double&, double&) const;


      virtual void setDataMinX(double minx) const { dataMinX_ = std::min(minx, dataMinX_); }
      virtual void setDataMaxX(double maxx) const { dataMaxX_ = std::max(maxx, dataMaxX_); }
      virtual void setDataMinY(double miny) const { dataMinY_ = std::min(miny, dataMinY_); }
      virtual void setDataMaxY(double maxy) const { dataMaxY_ = std::max(maxy, dataMaxY_); }

    virtual void setDataMinX(double minx, const string& ref) const; 
      virtual void setDataMaxX(double maxx, const string& ref) const; 
      virtual void setDataMinY(double miny, const string& ref) const; 
      virtual void setDataMaxY(double maxy, const string& ref) const; 
      const string& getDataReferenceX() const  { return dataReferenceX_; }
      const string& getDataReferenceY() const  { return dataReferenceY_; }
      void setDataReferenceX(const string& ref) const  { dataReferenceX_ = ref; }
      void setDataReferenceY(const string& ref) const  { dataReferenceY_ = ref; }
    virtual const string& getReferenceX() const  { return referenceX_; }
      virtual const string& getReferenceY() const  { return referenceY_; }
      void setReferenceX(const string& ref) const  { referenceX_ = ref; }
      void setReferenceY(const string& ref) const  { referenceY_ = ref; }
      virtual void adjustXAxis(Layout&) const {}
      virtual void adjustYAxis(Layout&) const {}

      virtual double getWidth() { return -1; }
      virtual double getHeight() { return -1; }
      virtual double x(const string& val) const { return tonumber(val); }
      virtual double y(const string& val) const { return tonumber(val); }

      virtual double getMinX() const { return -1; }
      virtual double getMaxX() const { return -1; }
      virtual double getMinY() const { return -1; }
      virtual double getMaxY() const { return -1; }
      virtual void setMinX(double) {}
      virtual void setMaxX(double) {}
      virtual void setMinY(double) {}
      virtual void setMaxY(double) {}

      virtual double getMinPCX() const { return -1; }
      virtual double getMaxPCX() const { return -1; }
      virtual double getMinPCY() const { return -1; }
      virtual double getMaxPCY() const { return -1; }
      double getAbsoluteMinPCX() const { return std::min(getMinPCX(), getMaxPCX()); }
      double getAbsoluteMaxPCX() const { return std::max(getMinPCX(), getMaxPCX()); }
      double getAbsoluteMinPCY() const  { return std::min(getMinPCY(), getMaxPCY()); }
      double getAbsoluteMaxPCY() const  { return std::max(getMinPCY(), getMaxPCY()); }
      double getAbsoluteMinX() const { return std::min(getMinX(), getMaxX()); }
      double getAbsoluteMaxX() const { return std::max(getMinX(), getMaxX()); }
      double getAbsoluteMinY() const  { return std::min(getMinY(), getMaxY()); }
      double getAbsoluteMaxY() const  { return std::max(getMinY(), getMaxY()); }
      virtual void setNewPCBox(double, double, double, double) {  }
      virtual double unitToCm(double, double) const;


   virtual void thin(MatrixHandler<GeoPoint>&, double x, double y, vector<GeoPoint>&) const; 
   virtual void reprojectComponents(const GeoPoint& point, pair<double, double>&) const;
   virtual void reprojectSpeedDirection(const PaperPoint& point, pair<double, double>&) const;
   void thin(PointsHandler<GeoPoint>& points, vector<PaperPoint>& out, vector<PaperPoint>&) const;
   void thin(MatrixHandler<GeoPoint>& points, vector<PaperPoint>& out, vector<PaperPoint>&) const; 
   void thin(MatrixHandler<UserPoint>& points, vector<PaperPoint>& out, vector<PaperPoint>&) const;
   // The view is set in Projection coordinates!
  virtual void filterView(double xmin, double xmax, double ymin, double ymax, double x, double y)  const {
            view_ = ViewFilter(xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, x, y);       
   virtual  void  visit(MetaDataVisitor&, double, double, double, double);
      virtual void print(ostream&) const;    
    mutable double areaMinX_;
    mutable double areaMaxX_;
    mutable double areaMinY_;
    mutable double areaMaxY_;
    mutable double  dataMinX_;
    mutable double  dataMaxX_;
    mutable double  dataMinY_;
    mutable double  dataMaxY_;
    mutable string dataReferenceX_;
    mutable string dataReferenceY_;
    mutable string referenceX_;
    mutable string referenceY_;
    mutable ViewFilter view_;
      // No copy allowed
      Transformation(const Transformation&);
      Transformation& operator=(const Transformation&);

// -- Friends
      friend ostream& operator<<(ostream& s,const Transformation& p)
            { p.print(s); return s; }


class Translator<string, Transformation>
      Transformation* operator()(const string& val )
             return SimpleObjectMaker<Transformation>::create(val);
      Transformation* magics(const string& param)
            Transformation* object;
            ParameterManager::update(param, object);
            return object;

} // namespace magics

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