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magics::SatelliteProjection Class Reference

#include <SatelliteProjection.h>

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Detailed Description

Implements a new projection for satellite data

This projection ...

Definition at line 48 of file SatelliteProjection.h.

Public Member Functions

bool accept (const string &node)
virtual void adjustXAxis (Layout &) const
virtual void adjustYAxis (Layout &) const
virtual void aspectRatio (double &, double &)
virtual void bottomLabels (const LabelPlotting &, Task &) const
virtual void boundingBox (double &, double &, double &, double &) const
bool clip (PaperPoint &) const
virtual Transformation * clone () const
virtual bool concatenate (vector< Polyline * > &, Polyline *) const
virtual void fill (double &, double &)
virtual void filterView (double xmin, double xmax, double ymin, double ymax, double x, double y) const
virtual void forceNewArea (double, double, double, double, double &, double &)
double getAbsoluteMaxPCX () const
double getAbsoluteMaxPCY () const
double getAbsoluteMaxX () const
double getAbsoluteMaxY () const
double getAbsoluteMinPCX () const
double getAbsoluteMinPCY () const
double getAbsoluteMinX () const
double getAbsoluteMinY () const
const string & getDataReferenceX () const
const string & getDataReferenceY () const
virtual double getHeight ()
virtual double getMaxPCX () const
virtual double getMaxPCY () const
virtual double getMaxX () const
virtual double getMaxY () const
virtual double getMinPCX () const
virtual double getMinPCY () const
virtual double getMinX () const
virtual double getMinY () const
virtual TeProjection & getProjection ()
virtual const string & getReferenceX () const
virtual const string & getReferenceY () const
virtual double getWidth ()
virtual void gridLatitudes (const GridPlotting &) const
virtual void gridLatitudes (const GridPlotting &, Task &) const
virtual void gridLongitudes (const GridPlotting &) const
virtual void gridLongitudes (const GridPlotting &, Task &) const
void horizontalLabels (const LabelPlotting &, Task &, const string &box, double x, double miny, double maxy) const
bool in (const PaperPoint &) const
bool in (const UserPoint &) const
bool in (const GeoPoint &) const
virtual bool in (const Polyline &) const
virtual bool in (double x, double y) const
virtual void init ()
bool inX (double x) const
bool inY (double y) const
virtual void labels (const LabelPlotting &, BottomAxisVisitor &) const
virtual void labels (const LabelPlotting &, TopAxisVisitor &) const
virtual void labels (const LabelPlotting &, RightAxisVisitor &) const
virtual void labels (const LabelPlotting &, LeftAxisVisitor &) const
virtual void labels (const LabelPlotting &, DrawingVisitor &) const
virtual void leftLabels (const LabelPlotting &, Task &) const
virtual bool needShiftedCoastlines () const
virtual void operator() (const UserPoint &xy, vector< PaperPoint > &out) const
virtual void operator() (const GeoPoint &geo, vector< PaperPoint > &out) const
virtual PaperPoint operator() (const UserPoint &xy) const
void operator() (PolyCoast &poly, BasicGraphicsObjectContainer &out) const
void operator() (const Polyline &poly, BasicGraphicsObjectContainer &out) const
virtual PaperPoint operator() (const PaperPoint &) const
virtual PaperPoint operator() (const GeoPoint &) const
virtual void operator() (Layout &) const
void operator() (const vector< PaperPoint > &, vector< PaperPoint > &) const
void operator() (const vector< GeoPoint > &, vector< PaperPoint > &) const
void operator() (const Text< GeoPoint > &, Text &) const
void operator() (const Polyline &, BasicGraphicsObject::Container &) const
virtual bool out (const Polyline &) const
virtual Polyline * reproject (const Polyline &from) const
virtual void reprojectComponents (const GeoPoint &point, pair< double, double > &) const
virtual void reprojectSpeedDirection (const PaperPoint &point, pair< double, double > &) const
virtual void revert (const PaperPoint &xy, UserPoint &point) const
virtual void revert (const PaperPoint &xy, GeoPoint &point) const
virtual GeoPoint revert (const PaperPoint &) const
virtual void rightLabels (const LabelPlotting &, Task &) const
virtual void rotate (vector< GeoPoint > &) const
void set (const XmlNode &node)
void set (const map< string, string > &map)
virtual void setDataMaxX (double maxx, const string &ref) const
virtual void setDataMaxX (double maxx) const
virtual void setDataMaxY (double maxy, const string &ref) const
virtual void setDataMaxY (double maxy) const
virtual void setDataMinX (double minx, const string &ref) const
virtual void setDataMinX (double minx) const
virtual void setDataMinY (double miny, const string &ref) const
virtual void setDataMinY (double miny) const
void setDataReferenceX (const string &ref) const
void setDataReferenceY (const string &ref) const
virtual void setMaxX (double)
virtual void setMaxY (double)
virtual void setMinX (double)
virtual void setMinY (double)
virtual void setNewPCBox (double, double, double, double)
void setReferenceX (const string &ref) const
void setReferenceY (const string &ref) const
void thin (MatrixHandler< UserPoint > &points, vector< PaperPoint > &out, vector< PaperPoint > &) const
void thin (MatrixHandler< GeoPoint > &points, vector< PaperPoint > &out, vector< PaperPoint > &) const
void thin (PointsHandler< GeoPoint > &points, vector< PaperPoint > &out, vector< PaperPoint > &) const
virtual void thin (MatrixHandler< GeoPoint > &, double x, double y, vector< GeoPoint > &) const
virtual void topLabels (const LabelPlotting &, Task &) const
void toxml (ostream &, int) const
virtual double unitToCm (double, double) const
void verticalLabels (const LabelPlotting &, Task &, const string &box, double y, double minx, double maxy) const
virtual void visit (MetaDataVisitor &, double, double, double, double)
virtual bool wrapAround (const Polyline &) const
virtual double x (const string &val) const
virtual double x (double x) const
virtual double y (const string &val) const
virtual double y (double y) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void print (ostream &) const
 Method to print string about this class on to a stream of type ostream (virtual).

Protected Attributes

double areaMaxX_
double areaMaxY_
double areaMinX_
double areaMinY_
double dataMaxX_
double dataMaxY_
double dataMinX_
double dataMinY_
string dataReferenceX_
string dataReferenceY_
double llx_
double lly_
double maxlat_
double maxlon_
double minlat_
double minlon_
string referenceX_
string referenceY_
double urx_
double ury_
ViewFilter view_

Private Member Functions

SatelliteProjectionoperator= (const SatelliteProjection &)
 Overloaded << operator to copy - No copy allowed.
 SatelliteProjection (const SatelliteProjection &)
 Copy constructor - No copy allowed.


ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const SatelliteProjection &p)
 Overloaded << operator to call print().

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